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When is a financial slave NOT a financial slave?
Answer…when they make ANY demands of a Mistress!


Hello everyone,

So many promises, not enough action. Yet another “financial slave” has contacted me with HIS requirements as to a potential findom relationship. Apparantly I am to contact him every day with what I want him to buy, and he will buy them and suggest other items, then I am to punish him if he doesn’t do it in good time. WTF? Since when did any sub or slave set their own tasks?? I didn’t even grace him with a reply, he wasn’t worth the bother. I knew if any conversation had been struck I would have ended up annoyed at myself for even briefly entertaining the loser, he obviously had no intention of paying for play, he wanted me to engage him in email ping-pong while he got his thrills and I got fuck all.

Financial Domination – the clue is in the name! You are NOT a “financial slave” if: 1) you set your own demands, and 2) you don’t pay. SIMPLE AS!

In other news: One of my cats has been seriously ill, and had to be admitted to vetenary hospital 3 times over the past couple of months. He has been diagnosed with FLUTD, which can be fatal, luckily I spotted something was wrong quite early on so his treatment – although not enjoyed by my poorly moggy – was reasonably successful, and 6 weeks after the start of the problems he’s almost back to his old self. This has left me with a hefty vet bill which I want paying, so if any of my piggy pets are animal lovers, contact me NOW.

I’ve been working on and writing some dedicated FinDom pages for my website catbbw.co.uk – access to the FinDom section will be via application and only granted if your application is successful. Register your interest NOW by emailing catbbw@hotmail.co.uk .

I’ve got back into my LEGO in a big way, to the point where I don’t want to log into my cam on AdultWork because I’m enjoying the sorting and building of LEGO models too much. You can’t blame me, it’s much more interesting playing with little plastic bricks and people than having to entertain freeloading panic wankers who use their 5 minutes of Freeview to try to furiously knock one out while staring at my fully clothed cleavage, rather than choose a Group or Private session where they could be enjoying a nice steady build up and satisfying release as I get myself fully naked and display all that Mother Nature gave me. I’m pretty good at spotting the one-handed stealth-wank typers, and while it turns me on that someone is finding me so sexually exciting that they can’t leave their cock alone, it is so frustrating that I can’t have a piece of the action. AdultWork don’t allow nudity or sex play in Freeview, so I have to rely on paying clients to choose Group or Private before I can even start to think about getting my own rocks off. I have to frequently remind visitors to my Freeview of this, and the answer is often “go on babe, I won’t tell anyone” – which just goes to show their level of respect for me/what I do! THEY may not tell, but others might, and if AdultWork are monitoring my cam (YES, they can – and do – monitor cams!) then I would be instantly suspended. Why would I risk MY business and MY income for a quick thrill?? The answer is simply: I WOULDN’T.

Back to the LEGO – I’ve updated my Amazon Wishlist with some new LEGO stuff – HERE

Send a gift certificate to catbbw@hotmail.co.uk – HERE

See me on cam – HERE

Send AdultWork credits to CatBBW or catbbw@hotmail.co.uk – HERE

Sex Toys Wishlist – HERE

In other news – I’ve been doing a lot more phone chats recently, and have found a few niches that I really enjoy. Adult babies, fat chat, and certain taboos are all fetishes that I love indulging in, and – surprisingly for me – I’ve been very much welcoming the guys who phone me up to insult or humiliate me. Call me all the fat slut and pig whore names under the sun, and my massive panty gussets get damp! Call me HERE!

I’m taking Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th off next week, so depending on my *other* job I should be able to give you my undivided attention from Thursday as usual.

Meow for now!



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