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Good evening!

Still the rain keeps coming and the floods get worse, and while I am lucky enough to live in the sky in an area of London not being affected by the flooding (yet!), I do feel for all those who are underwater. I feel even more sorry for the poor animals, because while we humans understand what’s happening, the animals are frightened.

And now I can’t even watch the news or weather as my TV exploded. It’s been complaining for a few weeks, flickering and popping because the reception’s been so flaky with all the wind, but then last night there was a BANG, a smell of burning plastic, and a puff of smoke. It was an old television anyway, having had to scrounge one from a friend the last time my TV died, but now I am in desperate need of a new one. It’s just too fucking quiet with no TV burbling away in the corner! There’s one on my Amazon WishList – nothing fancy, just a bog standard TV that I can amuse myself with between cam clients and playing with my boy toys.

A surprise Amazon Gift Certificate for £20 arrived today after someone I’d been chatting to on cam wanted to donate towards my new computer fund. He’s looking forward to being able to Skype with me outside of cam sites (with all their rules, regulations, and high fees!) at more convenient times for him. Thank you 🙂 x

This week I uploaded a few more sexy photos to my Private Gallery on Adultwork. It’s LONG overdue as these have been hanging about on my PC for a few months now, and with another photo shoot looming, I thought I’d better get these ones from last year on display. They are a SuperSized-BBW lover’s wet dream – lots of tummy, tits and thighs.

I am still actively looking for financial slaves to serve Me. I am more than entitled to your financial attention, and I know you are ready to give. I am not a bitch or a daddy’s princess, I’m not going to call you a twat then spend your money on a crappy handbag, I am a mature, nuturing woman who looks after her loyal, submissive followers. I am in the UK and am English born & bred, so full clear instructions for tasks, contracts, payments and punishments will always be given – and of course makes chatting on text, Skype, cam or phone much simpler! Are YOU ready to open your wallet and make Me smile?

Don’t forget, you can also find me on: PayPiggys and Adultwork.

The weekend is here, and with it brings more work for me. I do enjoy my work, but it does interfere with my social life!

Until next time,

Ms Cx

PS: Happy Vals Day to all my admirers, fans, worshippers, slaves and subs 🙂


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