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London Fetish Fair


I’ve been wanting to attend a London Fetish Fair for yonks, but never seem to find the time, or sod’s law my non-kinky work pops up with an offer I can’t refuse. BUT! I have promised myself I WILL be going to the one on 8th December, I have marked it in my diary and calender, and I will NOT be taking any work or bookings that day.

Apart from watching the evening show, I’ll be mainly window shopping for new products, but if a good bargain or THE piece of equipment catches my eye, then I will hammer my bank account for the pleasure of owning it. And this is where YOU – my lovely finsubs and finslaves – come in. I want YOU to send me money for the following:

  • Travel Fares = £10
  • Entry Ticket = £15
  • Dinner = £30
  • Drinks at the bar = £100
  • Donations towards purchases from the fetish stalls = £20 to £200

All monies are to be paid with an Amazon Gift Certificate CLICK HERE sent to catbbw@hotmail.co.uk OR an AdultWork Credits Gift Voucher CLICK HERE sent to my AdultWork name CatBBW

Now, as I am a short and fat SuperSized BBW I am very much aware that I have quite a distinctive look, and am quite sure that any of you who are also attending may easily spot me – especially as I will be wearing my bright red cocksucker lipstick! Some of you may want to grab my attention, or have a chat to me. This is absolutely fine, BUT I do have a code of conduct that you MUST adhere to.

  1. Do NOT shout or call out my name across the room. Approach me and address me respectfully. If you call me “hun”, babe”, “darling” or any other semi-affectionate slang, you WILL be ignored. Cat, Catherine, Miss, Mistress, Mummy etc are all acceptable.
  2. NO PHOTOGRAPHS. Security would LOVE to get their fingers on you.
  3. Kneeling in my presence is welcome.
  4. My lovely finslaves and finsubs (and any general subs, slaves admirers and fans) are very welcome to hand me a cash tribute or buy me a gift at the venue.

I’m really looking forward to being in a fetish-friendly environment, so hopefully I can take home some great memories and brand spanking (ha!) new equipment. Maybe see you there 🙂

Keep kinking!



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