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A few of you will be reading this and wondering what’s the difference between this blog and the one currently hosted by WordPress. Wellllll…not much at all. There will of course be a few tweaks, and certain posts on this norty webby will be more explicit than on the PayPiggys blog (paypiggys.wordpress.com), but on the whole the content will be mirrored.

I’m still the same person though, and cherish all my pets. I like to mother and nurture the ones who behave, and place fines on those who don’t, and those who exist just to troll or waste the time of ANY domina will be dealt with accordingly. I have strict procedure regarding slave recruitment, but to give you a clue it’s along the same lines of all my other services: No Pay, No Play.

I offer a range of payment plans for finslaves. You can be contracted for a monthly set amount, or a bill/luxury payer, or a combination to suit your expenses and my needs. I can also imagine up a debt from thin air, assign it to you, and make you pay back in regular installments plus interest. One-off tributes, gifts and aiding a mistress-in-need are always wanted and welcomed.

My wish list on AMAZON is HERE and Amazon Gift Vouchers can be purchased HERE (send to catbbw@hotmail.co.uk)

Happy spending!

Ms Catherine x


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